We Are

We need to talk.

It has been a few days now, I have noticed you are looking at me. Since it started to rain last week, I cannot say for sure.
I know the people around here, those who came often to visit or simply browsing. I mean, it has been two decades since I am standing there, welcoming everyone one by one. But you, I notice you, you are different, you are new.
I was wondering what you were looking for. The other day, during your lunch break at your work I guess, our looks crossed for the first time. I don’t know if you noticed me before that, or if someone you know talked to you about me. I saw you pick up your phone or your laptop and start researching something, or rather somewhere. I don’t know if you are thinking about me often, or maybe even right now. But for all those good reasons, I decided to break the ice with you.
I think we need to talk. We need to talk because I want to meet you. Because I know I can find a place for you.
So, let’s meet! Or get a coffee or exchange our email… What am I saying, even our phone, our resume, even our next holiday expectation!
Anyway, it is your call now. The ball is on your side, what do you think, hammam, jacuzzi, tennis? Are you going to call me because my doors will forever remain opened for you.

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Abalya LLC
16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes
County of Sussex, DE 19958
United States of America

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