Adopt “As-salamu alaykum”
as your “Namaste”

during your introspective voyage and peaceful stay in Marrakech

From beginners to Yogi experts

Elevate your practice and enhance your awareness surrounded by nature. Explore mindfulness and spirituality in beautiful gardens absorbed by the calm countryside atmosphere, all within a short driving distance from Marrakech.
Yoga sessions
Expert-led yoga retreats or initiation sessions with our local certified yoga instructor, everyone can find their joy in our villas. Yin yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, bikram, aerial yoga and many more classes are available in Marrakech. Our Villa collection boasts private gardens and terraces providing you with plenty of space and amazing panorama. Practice at your own pace on your namastay!
Heated pool, hammam, jacuzzi, sauna...
Our collection is equipped with well-being installations: heated pool with counter-current, hammam, jacuzzi, sauna, massage room, fitness equipment, and last but not least, spa services in the comfort of your villa. Numerous outdoor activities, close to nature and animals can be added to your to-do list.
Fresh locally sourced food
Abalya’s "quality over quantity" approach to hospitality applies rigorous standards when it comes to the cuisine cooked for you at the Villa. We provide a homemade menu adapted to your preferences, needs and diets.
+300 Sun salutations per year
The weather of Marrakech will always be at the rendezvous. Furthermore, each villa is thoughtfully oriented, pairing the omnipresent sun and the imposing Atlas Mountain dominating the background. What better place to explore the art of yoga than the stunning surroundings of Marrakech? Lakes, waterfalls, snowy mountains, berber inhabited valleys, Essaouira sea side, etc.

Get in touch with us to
organize your namastay
  • Choose the next natural scenery for you
  • Organize your Yoga retreat with a Yogi master!
  • Enjoy different sessions across Marrakech and its countryside
  • Book a guided visit to the Atlas and discover a different Morocco
  • Interested in Moroccan Cuisine? Enjoy a cooking class all together
  • Unquestionably, you want to relax. Book your villa and enjoy a complete holiday experience

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Villa Suggestions

Selected in the category “Yoga Stay” for their ideal location, equipment & amenities.

Basics & Essentials

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The Collection

From the warm welcome to the sad goodbye, Abalya is committed to the integrity of the experience.

You are right

Before joining our collection, each villa is thoroughly inspected to meet our standards in terms of design, singularity, amenities, space and privacy.


Every Abalya bedroom has an ensuite bathroom. Every Abalya garden and pool is diligently maintained. Every Abalya villa is fully equipped with hospitality basics : AC, Nespresso Machine, Wi-Fi, TV, sound system, safe, baby equipment, etc.

We know, you know

Your travel specialist prepares your villa in Marrakech and holiday experience in detailed steps. This personal advisor briefs the on-site team before your arrival. The concierge and housekeeping team take care of your needs during your entire stay in Marrakech.