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is true

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Endless Summer

A sunny destination — without eating airline food

Morocco is “More”... More sun, more tan, more degrees, more bikinis, more cocktails, more ice cream, more palm trees, more pool, more space, more thrills… Marrakech sets the mood and should be your next destination for a lot of reasons, especially its perpetual blue skies and resolute sun. Rooftop terraces, solar energy, astronomical observation, pool digging and creating shadow, that is what local ingenuity is all about. That's how nice and warm it is. Imagine yourself enveloped in the hot, dry air of an endless summer, it has to have a pool and a garden, am I right?

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Grandiose Villas

This is the Anti-Hotel Club

Palace, Kasbah, Riad, Ksar, Dar… There are a lot of words to designate what they are. Mexance, Loula, Adnaa or Grace…They all have pretty names, beautiful gardens, amazing decor, and exquisite luxury. But above all, they are an extension of the Moroccan and Marrakech way of life. Here, there are no street numbers and no addresses. The villas are discreet, secret, hidden, remarkably personal and expressive of all the attention, care and hospitality the owner wants his guests to feel… Those estates are what every property should be everywhere: Family homes. This is why Marrakech is glamorous, the intrigue happens behind closed gates, far away from unwanted looks. Welcome to Marrakech, welcome to the Collection.

The Collection
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Unparalleled Hospitality

No ice to break in Morocco

Hospitality is a core value in Moroccan people’s lives. From their big welcoming smiles to the sincere invitation to generous homemade meals, this warmth is imposed by ancestral traditions and customs. Everyone takes pride in their trade, and naturally offers mint tea to start up a conversation. No effort is spared to make foreigners feel welcome!

The Service
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Succulent Cuisine

Just.. finger.. licking.. good!

Moroccan cuisine has gained a large following worldwide. The fusion of farm-to-table cuisine with intriguing spices from every direction makes it particularly intriguing. Today, Moroccan gastronomy is alive and continually evolves opening up to the international stage. Familiar ingredients in incongruous combinations make Marrakech one of the top destinations for every foodie traveler.

The Food
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Pure Well-being

Legal calming remedies.

Every moment is simply serene in a place of peace. Marrakech is where time freezes in a frenetic world. Merge specialized therapies, holistic treatments and ancestral restorative traditions to reconcile mind and body, reduce stress levels and clear your headspace. Every fundamental element ensures your elevation to a heightened state of harmony with the self. Pause for unexpected quietude and dive head first into this profound rejuvenating experience.

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Beautiful Surroundings

Bring your 7 league boots

Moroccan panorama diversity is prodigious. Endless dunes, rocky deserts, oasis palm groves, fir forests along tortuous rivers, secluded beaches, wheat plains, meadows with dairy cows, breathtaking valleys with the imposing Atlas in the background. No wonder so many movies were shot here. Marrakech is at the junction of all those spectacular landscapes. Come over, put on your boots and visit Oman, Chile, Jordan, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Spain in one go.

The Experience
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Eclectic Nightlife

Don’t tell my mom
I was in Marrakech

Evening time comes, join the happy hour crowd at the square. Listen to the moving prayer call before the Dj turns up the beat. Gardens and panoramic terraces are a unique invitation to spend long warm summer nights out. Feeling a little peckish? Enjoy mouth watering tapas or a three-course dinner at the numerous places open until late at night. Desire for a steep experience? Go for the Arabian night cabaret, the biggest club of North Africa or try to date lady luck in the casino. You got it, Marrakech is as electric as eclectic. Bring it home! Djs, lights, sound system, bartenders, performers…Party hearty at your private villa.

The Party
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Cultural Heritage

Ich bin ein Berberliner

Marrakech is an unapologetic sensory experience. This ethnically diverse and truly cosmopolitan city knows how to put on a show. European, African and the Middle Eastern influences merge for an exotic ambiance and a unique cultural scene. Bustling bazaars, loud street performers, intricate craftsmanship, secret gardens. This mystical gate of Africa and Arabia can captivate the imagination in unusual ways.

The Culture

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Villa Suggestions

Selected in the category “Discover Marrakech” for their ideal location, equipment, and amenities.

8 bedrooms
  • Grand garden
  • Heated Pool & SPA
  • Classic home decor
  • Large hosting capacity
7 bedrooms
  • Indoor Pool and Sauna
  • Home Projector BOSE
  • Private clay tennis court
  • Venue for Event
Tika Palace
11 bedrooms
  • Private SPA at the Villa
  • Heated Exterior Pool
  • Great Hosting Capacity
  • Venue for Event